5 Secrets to Keep Your Man Happy?

I believe I know 5 simple ways to, not only keep your man relatively happy but help you to maintain a healthy relationship that is perfect for you two. A woman may think, “5 ways, no way”. Well yes, if this was a guide to please a woman, than 5 ways would not work. 😉 But since men are simple creatures, 5 ways is the perfect amount. Relationships are extremely difficult to maintain, so any kind of guide to help maintain your mates happiness, I believe is necessary. Now, I’m no guru and I don’t have all the answers, but I do have a happy and healthy relationship, through continuous hard work and these tips. So, read the next 5 tips as a guide to help mold the relationship you already have, nurture the happiness you already maintain and enlighten yourself on some things you didn’t even think about.

“Wanting him to have space, is wanting you to have space.”

Secret Tip #1 Space
Space is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone and yourself. Since men are simple creatures; they like to simply go hang with their friends, simply say sorry/ buy a present for forgiveness, simply work and be compensated/ sign checks and simply have sex whenever they want. That is why I say simply give them space to do all these things.

-Give your man space to hang with his friends with reasonable boundaries ( home by 4 am, no thots at the party, don’t get arrested, don’t gamble away our home, etc,). Their friends are a perfect outlet for them. They are allowed to express themselves freely and have mind space to think as an individual. Also let’s try not to make them feel bad for going out. Wanting him to have space is wanting you to have space. You too are benefiting; he won’t be in your face all day, lol. I love when my boyfriend hangs out, it gives me time to watch the things I want on T.V., finish any projects around the house I’ve started, or even just take a nap.
-Allow your man to work with space. Women tend to want to know everything that’s going on in their man’s life. So when it comes to work, we want to know everything about the managers to the color of the walls, lol. But allowing your man to have a “separate life”( respectful to you twos standards) at his job makes him appreciate what he has at home. Everyone needs some form of space to meet their peak potential. So giving him space to do his job the best way he knows how is crucial.
-Giving your man space to apologize. Men do a lot of stupid things because everything is so simple to them. The details we hone in on are not the same details they hone in on. Even if your man picks out your outfit everyday, he may not tap into how you feel about each daily outfit . But, back to my point; if your man feels like there is an opportunity/space to make things better and that you will accept his gesture; this too will make him happy. 

“Make your man feel needed”

Secret Tip #2 Let Him Solve Your Problems
I know you are a strong independent woman that doesn’t need a man to solve your problems; your man is just an enhancement to what you already have going on. Well, I am strong, independent, and I need help getting my tire changed (on and off the street). 😉 This tip falls under, “make your man feel needed”. But, I like to look at it as, “you like to solve problems and I got plenty of problems to solve.” Simply, ask him to find a good mechanic or even which nail polish would he like to see you in. Knowing that you value his opinion or trust that he would help you with your situation correctly, is all he could ask for. When a man is in love or even in lust, they do whatever they can to keep their mate happy, so they can ultimately get to Secret Tip #5. So, if your man wants to help, LET HIM!

Secret Tip #3 Communicate His Way

All this means is take the time to understand your man. Do not focus on the fact that he doesn’t understand you. He will, if you speak his language. Find out what he does understand and explain it to him that way. If he’s not taking the picture correctly, show him an example. If he doesn’t fold the laundry right, show him how. If he doesn’t lick your nani (vagina) the way you like it, guide his head and TELL him what to do. If he always cuts you off when you argue; text/email him ( he’ll be forced to read and re-read to understand your tone and your message). When my boyfriend and I argue, if I cut him off, he asks “ can I finish?” So, if I’m ever trying to make a point and he cuts me off, I ask, “ can I finish?” And it works! I am communicating the way he communicates. Some may say mocking, I say speaking his language. I hope you get what I am saying. Basically, communication is a two way street. It is best to fix how you communicate with your mate; because his sensitivity towards you, is heightened or hardened just for you. You have a certain place in his heart, the things you say and the way you say things has a different impact. Men are more sensitive then we are led to believe. So, focus on being a better communicator and it will only help you to teach, deal and communicate better with your loved one.

Secret Tip # 4 Allow him to be himself and accept it
Would you like to be accepted for who you are and not questioned? Well, so does your mate. Let your man be himself. If he likes to fish, wash his car 7 times a week, fart constantly, prep for the end of the world, let him. Trying to change someone who has been this way their whole lives, is selfish. Their is someone for everyone. I believe finding that one person for yourself is more successful than trying to change someone into what you want. Accepting people for their differences is what makes meeting and being with people so exciting. Focus on hi spirit, his intentions, his motivations and his interactions with you & others. These are some of the things that will help you find and keep a good man. Everybody is annoying, even you.

Secret Tip #5 Let’s Talk about Sex, baby!
She’s Classy in the streets but a freak in the sheets. I’m ok with that! Men are fueled by sex. Just like a woman has her monthly period (cleansing) cycle, a man must clear out his body by ejaculating. Most women do not want to believe this or accept this, but it’s a fact. Since knowledge is power, it is in our best interest to use this knowledge to gain our power ( women).
So basically, have sex with your man. If you are too tired to have sex, conduct oral sex (if you don’t someone else will) #fact. I know I make it seem so simple, but for some women having sex is like a chore. This mentality will not only take a toll on your relationship but could add extra stress in your life. There are plenty of times I’m not interested in having sex, but once I get into it, there are no regrets. So just letting go physically can really help your current situation!
*I will write a post focusing on some helpful sex tips, if you all are interested.
Tailor these tips to your relationship and strive for a happy man, it will only make you happy. If you have some dope tips, PLEASE let me know. I’m all about keeping my man happy! 😉

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