Manage Your Female Boss!?

  As a female, do you have unnecessary problems with your female boss? Well, I’ve noticed this issue, for most females, stays unnoticed or belittled because of its subconsciously predictable nature. Most of the time we are unsure why our bosses hate us so much, or why they go out of their way to make our lives hell. Of course this boss does well with men, but seems not to gel with other women. Now, this is not all female bosses. These are the ones that for some reason feel the need to prove themselves to their fellow female subordinates. This does not make them bad bosses, it just makes your days more challenging and interesting. 🙂 BUT! I’ve got 5 Easy Tips that will not only keep her off your back, she might respect you a little too ;).
*Please note these tips are not guaranteed to get you a promotion, will not necessarily make her your best friend, and may or may not make you Employee of the Month.

Tip 1-Email Her

 Emailing this wonderful person will not only allow you to get your points across effectively, efficiently and clearly, you won’t have to be intimidate by her dead stare as she waits for you to fumble each word. Now, I am not saying hide behind GMail to speak to your boss; I am suggesting that when you have any “major” concerns about your position, schedule, other employees, etc. ; Email is the way to go. This professional form of communication will have everything on record and allow both of you to observe each other’s tone. 😉
 When writing your email, be specific, factual, provide detailed examples and be polite. She will appreciate the opportunity to respond on her own terms as well as your professionalism.

Space is the greatest gift you can give someone.


Space is the greatest gift you can give anyone. This act not only allows people to observe their surroundings but allows them to think.

*Please be aware that because your boss is a female, she is dealing with issues that a male boss would not normally be dealing with. Although it seems she goes out of her way to prove herself to you , whether it’s directing you, correcting or Micro Managing you; she is. She has to prove to EVERYONE that she can do her position just as good, if not better than a man.

So, understanding this fact; we as female employees should not only have empathy but give her the best gift ever, space. 
Giving her space is different for every boss. It is up to you to decipher what type of space your boss needs. Some need literal space; I believe everyone has a personal physical space limit. I personally am not interested in anyone speaking to me too closely ( I should not be able to smell/ feel your breath). Anywho, speaking to some too closely could drive someone crazy and can in turn cause them to subconsciously act out. ( become bossy)

Other bosses like to isolate themselves to function, so let them. The worst thing you could do is keep calling their office or stopping by for Any reason. In this case you should revert to Tip 1, for best results. If your boss loves isolation not only do you email her, but you communicate to her when she leaves her office. Once she hits the streets ( the main office floor ) she is not only expecting to be approached but is more approachable because she is not in her safe haven. Now, I know sometimes they leave the office with a mission and look only straight ahead. That doesn’t mean to avoid them ; it means be short, sweet and to the point. 

If your employer loves to talk, let her. You may ask, How is letting her talk giving her space? Well, if you’re not talking and you’re listening, you are giving her space to talk. What she is talking about could be work related and relevant or non work related and irrelevant; but allowing her to free her thoughts without any physical judgment, will make her feel like she has space to talk. You do have to be careful because she could use you as a crutch and this will then turn you into an enabler, ( but that’s a whole other post) which could be detrimental or a successful strategy to your position. But ultimately allowing her to speak her mind is allowing her SPACE to free her thoughts, which everyone needs.

Tip 3-Compliment Her

 This seems like the typical way to get your boss to like you, but to manage her? Well, let me tell you a little secret ( look closer) PEOPLE LOVE COMPLIMENTS . It’s about how and when you deliver these compliments. I believe the best way to compliment your female boss, ladies, is when you greet them. Complementing in the greet seems more authentic because it is assumed to not be premeditated. When you greet someone, this is your first time seeing their new cut, shoes, or the change in their hair color. So your reaction to this change will be “natural”. I am not suggesting to be fake, but let’s keep it real, you are reading about how to manage your boss, so you will be looking for that great compliment. So, keep it simple. “ I see you cut your hair, nice.” “I love that color pink, girl.” Yeesss, you better walk in here with those red bottoms!” These are compliments that are bringing attention to her as well as uplifting her without seeming faux.

If you can do this gracefully and transparently when you greet her in the morning or whenever you start your shift, you are pretty much starting your day off with a clear page.

PS. try and do this while walking away from her or in passing, stop and acknowledge her, or multi task. You want to make it seem like the change took you by surprise, not like you were waiting to see what she had on that day.

Tip 4-Be Type A

Most bosses are A type personalities. Being an A Type personality myself, I can say, we don’t like weak minded or weak working people. We prefer to surround ourselves with like minded people ( strong) because we get more mental stimulation from them. I say this because A type personalities tend to challenge others on everything and we for some weird reason like it. We love when people stand up to others, we love cleverness, swiftness, quick humor and thick skin. There are definitely times where type A’s don’t get along whatsoever, but I believe if you use all these tips, you can figure it out. Subtly standing up to your boss and showing her you’re no punk will cause her to respect you. Doing this shows a quality of leadership, focus and strong will. She will not only be glad she hired you but will mentally putting you on a higher petal stool. Again, be careful because this could also cause you to become a threat. But being yourself while implementing these tips will help prevent her feeling any kind of threat from your direction. In this instance being Type A means work harder, focus harder, protect harder and have thicker skin.


Are you tired of everyone telling you this!? I am! But it works! Being yourself is being different, 

being a team player and doing your job! You were hired not only because of your experience but because of who YOU are. In your interview they say, “ Tell me about yourself”. They immediately want to know what type of person you are, how will your quality of thinking and personality enhance their company and will you fit well with their business model. If you get through the annoying interview process and can not bring forth the person you presented ( yourself) you have failed your boss and yourself. You must be yourself at all times, this is the only way you will have any joy in your position or be respected by any type of boss. Managers, bosses, owners are extremely observant and can read if an individual is comfortable with their own skin and their values. They love this quality in employees ( it makes them more money); Individuals that are comfortable with their own skin make for better, salers, models, engineers, doctors etc. because they are confident. Being confident only means you believe in your judgment, what you are capable of and your power. Being yourself gives you the power to enhance your surroundings, learn more about your capabilities and gain RESPECT.

 *sidebar-I am aware you put our best foot forward in our interview but that should be the same foot you bring to work everyday.

Remember we’re all about finding balance. So use these tips simultaneously. Don’t hit your boss over the head with everything at once. Be patient, do your job and follow these tips. If done correctly, you will be on your way to a more peaceful work atmosphere sooner than you think 😉

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