5 Pocket Book Bedroom Tips 

Sometimes you need a little reminder of how to keep a sex life exciting. Here are a of couple tips that will keep your man sexually satisfied and leave you with more free time. 😉

  • Get it over with!💋

Quickies are fun! Have them often!

  • Location💋

Have sex in places other than the bed. The bed can get boring and redundant and may add to that “ I’m tired” mentality.

Kitchen, bathroom, living room, floor, closet, laundry room- any of these places will make sex fun

  • Assist💋

Sometimes I just don’t want to, but I do want him to be pleased; so….. play with his penius while he watches porn or just give his so good o’l “head”.

This too could be tiring if it takes him long to ejaculate, lol; but it adds texture to your sex life.

  • Challenge him💋

Men love a chase. I like to tell my boyfriend no, then 30 minutes later jump his bones. This makes him feel special and adds a lot of spice!
Men need boundaries so give him some

  • Watch Porn💋

Porn helps speed things up and make things interesting. There’s no point in being jealous or insecure of women who have sex for a living. The fact that you’re confident enough to watch porn with YOUR MAN will not only turn him on but make him happy! He won’t have any want or need for anyone else cause you’re considering his needs and wants. Plus no one knows but you two. So…. get over yourself and watch it with him and by yourself, lol!

Careful these acts could become addictive! Have fun with caution!

Try these Positions if you need some graphic assistance!💋


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