Top 3C’s For Any Relationship

Relationships are harder than putting on jeans with no stretch.😝 Sometimes maintaining a healthy, happy lover-ship can take the life out of you and make you want to give up. Well, just like a brother or sister, you have to accept your mate for who they are and decide if you want to deal with them or not. Since you are reading this, I am going to assume you are more interested in keeping your mate and flourishing your relationship.❤️ We all know I’m no professional, but I am in a healthy AND happy relationship because of 3C’s-Communication, Consideration and Compromise.


All my life, my elders have told me communication is #key. It would be ignorant and immature of me not to take heed to their wise advice. I find at times relating to your mate can be mind boggling. It’s like the connection isn’t there anymore. They no longer understand your jokes, finish your sentences or even listen to you anymore. This is normal for all relationships; whether it be your lover, your mother or bestfriend. We tend to get so comfortable with each other,  we think we know what the other is thinking or going to do ALL the time.

Unless you are a professional mind reader, none of this is true. Although you may have a certain connection with your mate and have an idea of what they may do. You can not read your mates mind, so the best thing to do is communicate. Ask your mate questions, be direct and listen. Asking questions can be bothersome for both parties, but this will only let your mate know where your mind is and allot the opportunity to find out where your mate is mentally. Make sure you are direct. Being direct cancels out any static. Sugar coating or going around the bush only makes things difficult and room for misunderstanding. Communicating is the medicine to any relationship because both individuals are able to express themselves freely. Listening is a part of communication and sometimes doing more listening than talking can bring great results. Listening can be difficult because it seems as though you are sacrificing your beliefs, view or opinions at times; but it is just another form of compromise.


I love compromise, I give -you give, you take -I take. 😁 Exactly. Compromise can be difficult if too much emotion is put into it. Understanding that the world is a full business transactions. Everyone is doing something for something. Whether it be for acknowledgment, respect, love, understanding, knowledge, money or accolades; the give- take cycle is infinite. So why fight it. Relationships are hard, so why not make them enjoyable and exciting by just settling any situation by making a mutual concession. It will only open the door for more peace, laughter and longevity. I believe one of the best slogans to live by is, “ Agree to disagree”. Just because you disagree with someone,doesn’t  mean its the end of the world. It is possible it could be the end of your relationship, but that’s why it is important to be aware of your mate’s needs, concerns and beliefs. Taking the time to research your mates breaking points and stimulators helps compromising come easy. When you are considerate of your neighbors you are more willing to give and take with them.


Although this may seem like common sense. This is hard for some. Sometimes we become more concerned about our own opinions, needs and egos; which subconsciously and deliberately hinders us from seeing the needs of others. Considering your mate shows your true love and interest for their health, happiness and well being. I honestly believe that when you consider others whether before or after yourself, you are more likely to compromise with that individual and communicate the need of change and enhancement for your relationship. Considering your mate is such a great gift and ego booster. Others love being considered or “thought” of. I know when my man takes the time to make my favorite meal or rub my feet, I feel like he has considered how hard I work sometimes and is willing to compromise on the house duties, while communicating his affection through his actions. This only makes me want to give him the same respect and consideration.😄

So to maintain and create a healthy and strong lover relationship or any relationship, focus on these 3C’s and I’m sure all your relationships will flourish.



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