How To Say No Without Saying No

This may not seem like vital information, but knowing how to redirect others mind’s and shut them down at the same time is fun and important. Saying “No” is probably one of the most controversial words today. There are so many feelings that are connected, directed and transferred into the word. I believe this is so because it has so much power. The word “no”, can not only save someone’s life but it could ruin and stifle one’s future or relationship. I learned this tactic in college and I believe it is equal to a pint of gold 😘. I  would have said a pot, but I think a pint is better in this case.

I believe we are able to reject a person or tell them we don’t want them to borrow our clothes, by offering positive words of redirection, rather than just saying, “No”.

A perfect example, if you are trying to write an email to a boss or coworker; using positive words to express their idea for the next project is a no go. Ex., “ I loved your thoughts on the construction project; instead of a 30 ft. wall, maybe we could do a 20 ft. wall to maintain the financial budget”. This is suggesting, giving a solution and providing a reason why , by letting them know their idea is too expensive. The message is full of positive words and praise; and will keep the peace between you and the other individuals.

Let’s say someone asked you out and you can’t even imagine yourself with that person. I would probably say something like “ I’m more interested in seeing what my life is like single. I’ve been in long term relationships for a while, and am looking for something different.” This leaves the statement vague so your not held to anything and it lets them know that you’re not interested. That person may or may not like what your saying, but they will understand your not interested in going out with them.

In all areas of life, we must find ways to communicate to not only get our points across but stay true to our own beliefs and opinions without burning any bridges. I believe remaining positive and finding those ways to use progressive dialect will not only enhance our relationships at work and at home, but will force our brains to explain ourselves. It can be easy to just say no to every and it can be hard, but understanding why you are saying “no” is important.

Now, I do believe getting straight to the point is vital, so the word “NO” will be used. Although, some conversations/messages are better received when there are only positive words involved.

I have found some of the simplest information can carry you a long way and I chose to share this one.

I challenge you to say “NO”/ reject an idea with all positive words. The words: cant, wont, no , didn’t, don’t, wouldn’t, etc, can not be used. Comment and let me know how it works out for you!


Here are some reads that can help you further!





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