The Seasons Are Changing And So Is Love

Summer is pretty much over and the leaves are about to fall. Many of us are aware of coupling season and for some this is an exciting time. For others it seems to be a sad/lonely season. I personally believe that the summer time is more of a lonely season because people are more likely to not remain committed. Granted, there are a lot of great dates occurring; for the most part you end up in the bed alone. I believe both male and female have the upper hand during coupling season for many of reasons.

Soooo, it’s cold and you need someone to rub on your booty and keep your warm.🙈🙊 Well, this is your time. It may seem as though this is the time that men are running away from commitment …And some of them are. But, what they are not running away from is a nice hot meal in front of a football game and nani/sex/vagina action after. 🔑 Now I’m not telling you to sell your cooking skills for a hairy companion.😂😝 I’m just merely making you aware of what will bring him to your home night after night, during these up and coming snowstorms. A lot of times when people hang out with each other for long periods of time, they become extremely comfortable. This sense of security turns into all types of feelings like lust, love and/or loyalty. So what might have started as a convenient hot meals and sex, could easily turn into a full blown appreciated relationship. If you have read my blog post 5 ways to keep your man happy; you will be aware that men are simple. So providing them with the simple things in life, will only benefit your complicated needs. A man will not deny a good hot meal; for one it shows them you know how to cook. If you don’t know how to cook, I suggest you learn. This is one of the main ways to keep a man around. Now if you don’t like the idea of cooking every night, then you might want to make sure your sex game is on point. But I believe that still won’t keep them in the house. Saving money is important to men and always going out to eat in the cold is not fun. Sometimes it can be romantic, but every night sounds like torture. The cold weather can make one tense and there’s nothing like a nice hot coffee, hot chocolate or hot meal on your couch to change their mind. 😘


If you’re reading this then the same advice goes to you. If you were having a hard time lining up the ladies in the summer. Well this is the time to catch us while we are vulnerable. This is the season that women are actually looking for a substantial relationship. I am playing the devil’s advocate giving you this advice, but I gotta be fair. It’s not good to prey on the vulnerable, but your a hunter, soooo….. Like my previous advice, women are going to be out here grocery shopping to get a man. There will be more gumbos, beef stews, peach cobbler, red velvet cakes flying around. Its up to you to catch and find the right gumbo for you. Finding a women that is going to make sure you are fed is not only good for your stomach it’s good for your main purpose ( to have sex). Now I know that “ isn’t the only thing men want”👀; but I do know it is something that you all really really really really really like. So if you go eat her food, she will probably give you sex. The fact that you went out of your way to visit her will be more than enough. This will make both of you happy, she gets her booty rubbed and you get to rub her booty.

Now ladies get to cooking and men get to eating! Try not to create any babies if you two are just using each other for the temporary commitment.
Your Welcome!



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