Is Their View, YOU?

Perception can be the uprising or the fall of who you are and who you want to be. But is it the perception others have of you that creates your destiny.  There are times we struggle to find ourselves and our purpose in life because of the constant struggle to be what others want or need us to be. Not knowing that we are only living up to the perceptions of the world.

Because police officers perceive black men as threats they are treated like so. Because white women are perceived as weak, they are seen as “housewives” and because Mexicans are perceived as the bottom worker, they are offered such jobs. Because we tend to see others through our own eyes and not for who they really are; sometimes we do not allow others to be who they are or  find their true selves. Our own fears, dreams and opinions on others become so real to us that we force others into our mold.

I have been in the entertainment industry for 20 years and the service industry for over 16 years. Both of these industries have shown and proven that others expectations are your main existence. In the entertainment industry,  if the director has always seen you as a super hero, please believe those are the roles you will be offered; and the same goes if they perceive you as a victim. In the service industry, if your guest perceive you as a bad server with an attitude, they will not only speak to you in a tone of disappointment or anger but will look for anything to complain about. But does that mean you are a super hero, victim or  maintain a bad attitude?

I say all this to say, your vision of me ; their vision of you is not who you are. Perceptions can be changed constantly. There is always an opportunity to be better than yesterday, to ask for forgiveness for yesterday and to reform your actions. A perception is a mental impression; only opinion based off of your actions or taught behavior. People always change their minds about others. If you no longer want to be see in a certain light change the light. A black man might ask how can I stop being see as a threat. I say stop upholding and falling into the stereotype that has been given to you. Pull your pants up, read more, uplift your community, remember you are smarter and stronger and don’t allow others view of you create you. A white women may ask how can I be seen as a strong person and not a weak women. I say stop allowing others to determine your strength, show your intelligence, continue to be the backbone you were created to be, speak out and speak up.

Basically others opinions can be changed with a little work of knowing how you affect others and knowing how to change your affect. You are better off changing your actions and how people receive you, than waiting for someone else to change.




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