The holidays are coming and all types of parties and events have to be planned for the next three months. Being that I have planned fashion shows for thousands, magazine launch parties, networking events and showcases for the elite. I believe I have the Top 5 tips that will make any party or event the best you have done yet!

Tip 1 – Organize- Organize- Organize

Im sure you have heard this tip numerous of times, if this is your field. If this is not your field, this is THE most important rule/tip. Being organized will help you be organized. Planning parties has so many details; if you do not have everything in order you will quickly add stress, an unhappy client and an unhappy planning experience. Planning parties can be so fun because, the outcome is so fulfilling. Seeing others reaction to your creation and fulfilling your creative juices is the best. When organizing, you want to make sure you have all your contacts, stores, locations, invites, colors, etc. in order. Making sure you know what theme you will have before doing anything is essential. This will make your direction easier to follow and your communication with others easier. How you organize is up to you; there is no real formula. How you put your mind at ease and everyone else around you is up to you. Just make sure your right hand man understands your organization, which we will discuss in tip 4. But before we get there, your organization starts with writing EVERYTHING down.

Tip 2- Write It Down!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE write everything down. When you write things down you are manifesting your thoughts. Write down the theme, the decorations, the trinkets, the colors, the contacts and even draw the room the way you want it to look. This only allows your vision to come to fruition. This method is also great if your memory isn’t the greatest or if you just have a lot of information to obtain. Sometimes I will have a great feature to my ideas and will forget about it. But as soon as I read over my notes, I will be reminded of my original vision. When planning you tend to get redirected because of all the moving parts. So looking over your notes will bring you back to center. This method will also help you with any future parties or events if you have a creator’s block. Having a mental block while being stressed about planning your party is not fun. So writing down your thoughts will help you stay organized and see your visions on paper.

Tip 3- Costco/BJ/Sams & Amazon

I know, I know not everyone has a membership; well this will be the biggest $50 investment for your party, whether this is a one time plan or your profession. I am an avid costco abuser. When I would plan showcases and fashion shows, this would be my go to if I didn’t have a sponsor. Costco’s food option are not only fresh daily but they have options from brownies, fancy dessert options, croissants, pizza, brunch sandwiches, pies etc. Not only do they have your food options but they have your party favor options; Decorations, materials, electronics and so forth. This bulk house was a perfect fit for my gift bag fillers and gift bags themselves. Buying bulk will keep money in your pocket and add to your profit line. The only issue with costco is it is a seasonal store. So if you’re not planning a party for the season it could be harder to find what you need; that’s when I turn to Amazon. Although not bulk, it does save you money in comparison to other merchants. Amazon will allow you to get the Exact item you want whether it be bulk or not. Find a merchant you can rely on and stick with them.

Tip 4- Right Hand Man

Anyone that has built an empire, a store or even a meal needed some help at some point. So, why wouldn’t you!? I suggest you have that one person that you can rely on during planning this party. This person can be your assistant, your best friend, your cousin or your child. With gift bags, vendor meetings, location visits and more, you need someone that can remind you of the details, go to places you can’t and maybe get you some coffee. 😜 The biggest thing with having a helper, is YOU have to communicate thoroughly what you want and need from this person. You will do yourself an injustice as well as your helper by not expressing your vision completely. Understanding this individual is to help you get to the finish line, not carry you, will also prevent any issues of miscommunication and bad energy. So find someone that can deal with you, understand you and has the hard work ethic you need.

Tip 5- Sponsor

Why would I get a sponsor for a birthday party? Well there is always someone who would love to help financially. If it’s a birthday party, it is much easier to get people to help you with costs. If it is an event of some sort there will have to be a little more effort. This is where writing everything down can benefit you greatly. If you write all of your thoughts down in an organized way ( proposal) you can shop your ideas to some individuals you believe would have some interest in your project. Having a sponsor will relieve some stress and add creativity. For some reason people feel they can only do more with more money. If this is the case than you have to present yourself the way people with money will accept you. Sponsors love to read and see where their money is going to; so write things down. When I planned my baby shower, my mom and step mom were my sponsors. When I planned my last Magazine Launch Party, Hypnotic Alcohol was my liquor sponsor; sponsors help make your party look more official and puts money in your pocket.

I hope these tips have helped you! I have produced, created and planned plenty of events, launch events, parties etc. and I can’t keep all this info to myself. So go out there and get ready for this holiday season and plan!


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