V.alidating O.pportunities T.hrough E.gality

If you haven’t heard that you need to vote, I’m surprised. Although it may seem like we are living in a reality show; what is happening on your T.V. screen is real. Yes, we could have a first female president and yes we may have our first ever non-politician become president. I’m not here to convince you who to vote for, I am here to make you aware of some of the actual things that could happen to you immediately, depending on who you do or don’t vote for.

Your local Ballots are what will determine how you or your children will be treated in school, in business, in the justice system and in life. I will focus on GA, since I live here and pray that you will do the research for your state ballots/Amendments.

When reading the amendments, please be aware of the verbiage. All legal verbiage is vague in the title and in the overview. It is not until you read the details of any bill or proposed amendment, when you find out what the real purpose of that bill is. For Example, Amendment 1 in the GA Ballot is-Georgia Authorization of the State Government to Intervene in Failing Local Schools.  As you read the title you think, sure, why not help failing schools; but what the title/ overview doesn’t tell you is how they intend to do this. As you read on  you will see that the intention of the ballot is to give all powers to the superintendent and the Governor only. So the parents nor the teachers have a say in the productivity of the schooling system. Of course they are able to give their input, but ultimately the decision of your child’s education will be up to two people. All you can do is hope they are Egalitarians.

Also understand that all government funding is outlined in amendments. ( the guidelines of where funds should go) Ga just made fireworks legal and we could not be more excited. But to have fun you must pay. Because fireworks create fires and other dangers, there are most likely going to be more fire related injuries. So to solve this issue, they have come up with an Amendment that –Addresses the allocation of revenue generated from the sale of fireworks. When reading the overview, it is believed that we will have-Dedicated revenue from existing taxes on fireworks to trauma care, fire services, and public safety. As you read the amendment in detail you realize they will be raising the tax of fireworks and it will be going to firefighters. I’m actually okay with this bill since essential the firefighters will be the ones to save you if you burn down your house due to fireworks. And firefighters are not getting paid nearly enough. I’m assuming you will only pay this tax if you purchase fireworks.

The Amendment that has a huge red flag for me in GA is Amendment 3 Addresses replacing the Judicial Qualifications Commission. Basically instead of Judges having the power to determine your fate, Politicians will have this power. They are proposing to have the opportunity to get rid of any Judges ” they don’t like” or that don’t comply to their scandalous agenda, and replace the decision making on to your local politicians. In some cases this would be grand, if your politician is a trustworthy and law abiding citizen.

Take your time when voting, this is your Opportunity to speak up without being challenged. This is your opportunity to stand up for your true beliefs without anyone on your back or in your ear. Once you get in that booth its just you and your morals. So research and use this opportunity to get Your message across Through verifying your beliefs and dreams and VOTE!

*references.  https://ballotpedia.org/Main_Page



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