I wanted to show some love and give you a mini hack through my phone. Below you will find five of my favorite “productive” apps. I am not sponsored by any of these apps, so these are what I actually use. Enjoy

INSTA SIZE- is probably my most used app. This app allows me to make ANY picture fit Instagram, allows me to apply variety of borders with pictures, words or just colors. I also really like their filters, they provide a hype vibe as well as diversity.

TIPSEE– As you know, I am a bartender as well.  I originally started using this app for calculating my tips, but it allows me to enter any checks I may receive too. This app provides a detailed description of your income by hour, week, month and year. Easy to use and you can also customize the background!

PROSPER DAILY- I believe this is my most essential app. This app allows me to attach my debit cards and credit cards; and monitors my spending. This app also gives me my credit score, FOR FREE! There are many categories that the app detects through my spending locations. If I go to a grocery store, what I spent will show up in the grocery/ food category, while showing your spending habits and comparisons to the month before. I really appreciate this app, it tells me the truth.

EANGEL– Since I blog, I write a lot. I like to make sure I do not have any errors so I use this proofreading system. I just copy and paste and 5  minutes later I will receive an email with a “marked up”, document with corrections. This app is extremely helpful and I suggest it to any one student, secretary, business owner, lawyer, writer out there.

FACETUNE– I feel like everyone knows about this app, but I’m sure not everyone. This is a great app for editing photos. I really just use it to add detail to items or smooth out my skin. The filters are different; but this is the last app I use before I post any picture on IG!

Hope I was helpful!



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