3 Easy Ways to Face Your Fears

So much going on in the world and it seems as though fear is the theme. Well, for your everyday living you can change that. Although, at some level people make it seems like our surroundings are unchangeable; from career, relationships and even safety. Well I have 3 easy tips that will at least keep your mind at ease while battling all of the negtive woes of today’s world.

I’m sure you’re thinking how is this going to help me not be afraid. Knowledge, I believe is the number one way to not only bring security and sense of self but it allows you to be prepared. There are things that you would like to accomplish and the more you know about them the better. If you are about to conduct your first surgery, make sure you know all of the things that could happen and research how to fix them. If you’re about to speak in front of a room full of people, be sure to know not only the history of your topic, but some good tips on it as well. It’s all about the extra stuff. When you have a nice amount of knowledge about your fear, you are able to manipulate the information into your favor. If you know someone that you would love to spend the rest of your life with, find out about that person, what they like, don’t like, their beliefs, their interests and so forth. The more you know about this person the more likely you will have the opportunity to make them yours. (don’t become a stalker).🙈Also, with the way the government is going, knowledge will help you know the capability of individuals in congress, house of senate, etc. Staying in the know of local, national and worldly activities will help you prepare if your town, race, culture, religion or family are targeted. So fill yourself with knowledge to open your mind to power.

How can I stay positive if my whole family is in danger? How can I stay positive if I never get a good grade? How can I stay positive when I’ve been alone for far too long? The world is a natural karma and energy boomerang. Whatever energy, words, etc., that you project will be what you receive in return and become of you. If you choose to be angry about your situation because you have no knowledge of how to get out, change your perspective on life. If you choose to believe in yourself and your capabilities, that is what you will be surrounded by ( ppl who believe in you). Have you noticed when you wake up in a good mood you seem to have some great luck during the day and the same goes for if you wake up in a bad mood. Well it’s the energy you put out that is determining your days. Not everyone could wake up in a bed, with a family, with legs or even with a job. But it’s’ all about perspective and how you project what you want back. Waking up, should give you the positive motivation and strength to make your life better and face your fears. 

TIP 3- DO IT‼️
So answer me this, Why did you choose this field, this path, this person? The way I deal with all my fear is to go straight for it. I have danced in front of large crowds, and no matter how nervous or scared I was, I attacked each piece head first. I believe the time you waste convincing yourself of how scared you are, you could have filled your brain with knowledge, motivated yourself with positivity and succeeded. But I’ve realized some people are comfortable with where they are in life and are satisfied with the fear that holds them back. Is that you? I used to be, until I realized I am the best at what I do, if I allow myself to be. I believe in myself and no one can take that away. My talent, my intellectual intelligence and my confidence are all mine and can only be taken away from me if I give them away. And the same goes for you! So get over your self and accomplish your hearts desires!

When it comes to fear. It is only relevant if you make it. Recognize your fear and use these three tips to help you get through your next test of courage.


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