My Dog Pee’d on My Clothes! The right way to clean dog pee.

Well, since I have a dog and worked at Petsmart for about 3 years, when I was younger; I came home with a trick or two.

It’s so simple your gonna trip!

If your dog pees on your floor, pour a nice amount of peroxide directly where they peed. ( be generous) I suggest getting on your hands and knees and sniffing out the spot if it is dry first. I do this so I get the exact spot, otherwise the dog will continue to pee in the same spot. The peroxide will not only bleach out the yellow stain but kill any germs that are in the pee. Wait for the peroxide to dry a bit then pour white vinegar directly on the same spot. ( be generous) The vinegar will kill any enzymes that we can not smell that the dog can smell. Let dry and your done.

If this is on wood or any hard surface; mix vinegar, peroxide with floor cleaner mixer.  Then scrub area. No need to use bleach. If the dog poops on your floor, use this same concoction.

If your dog has actually peed on your clothes. Wash your clothes like normal with a little extra laundry detergent and add 1/2 cup of vinegar. It’ll be like brand new. (any clothes that need to be dry cleaned must be cleaned with vinegar as well to get smell fully out).

In your mind, it should be harder than this. But its not,  trust me; My dog just peed on my clothes!💋



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