5 Gifts That Will Make You A Winner!

  1. Watch

adidas Originals 'Santiago' Polyurethane Strap Watch, 42mm

Since a nice watch is pretty much an essential accesory for men and women; this is a winner! A nice watch like the one above ( only $75), will definetly boost someone’s day, outfit, and confidence. A watch always seems extremly thoughtful as well. So grab a cute watch and become a winner.😝

2. $100 or more Gift Card to Favorite Store or Restaurant

A giftcard seems thoughtless and lazy sometimes; BUT if you go to your loved ones favorite store or restaurant, they will love you to pieces. I say $100 because it goes a long way. Less than $100 doesn’t feel as good and you know it.☺️😉I also like this option because it allows people to get what they really want.

3. Phone

Everyone would love a new phone. Now, if you decide to go this route, the phone has to be better than what they already have. But for obvious reasons, a  new phone will make you the best person on Christmas Day!

4. Ipad/ Samsung Note/Kindle/Tabletv

Image result for samsung galaxy tablet

Samsung Galaxy

A tablet is a perfect gift too because it is practical, fun and profitable. I say profitable because it can easily become a tool for work. I believe a tablet is perfect for kids for entertainment and great day to day tool for any mother or father.

5. Shoes

Image result for bootie heels 4"

OMG! Give me a shoe and I will DIE! 😫Forget about any myths out there. If you are trying to impress Anyone…. buy them a shoe. Make sure you get advice from a friend if you are unsure what he/she may like; but a shoe is the exact way to become #1.




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