3 Easy Ways to Gain Instagram Followers

Everyone could use a little boost of confidence, right!? Well if you have an Instagram account, I have 3 easy tips to help boost your followers!😝

Boost #1-Like❤️

I know it seem weird liking everyone’s pics. You don’t want to see thirsty or stalkerish. “A periodic like is cool, but I can’t like ALL their pics.” Well, the solution is to go to the most popular hastags and like about 10 pics per hashtag. I do about 5 hashtags a day. Doing this not only allows you to be more “social”, but it also allows you to like pages and people you have never seen before!

Boost#2- Use Hashtags#️⃣

Hashtags can be corney, but if you use them you will gain more likes and more followers. Again this allows people that didn’t know you were alive, know you are alive😉. The rule is, use up to 11 hastags if you have less than 1000 followers. This method has been my biggest booster. My fave hashtags are: #love #like4like #followme and of course #mjaieseye 💋. 

Boost #3-Post Daily🤳🏽

Posting daily shows that your active and provides content. When you start to gain followers you have to keep them. So posting daily and even posting 2-3 times a day allows you to maintain, gain and entertain your audience. Make sure your pictures are good quality or you will turn people off.

Now go get those followers!💋💋



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