To Be or Not To Be

Love relationships I believe are the hardest things to obtain, maintain and retain. We have all witnessed people extremely successful in business, school, but disastrous in love. Their ability to communicate, consider, commit and/or even compliment seem to go out of the window. I find this interesting because in a workplace, we not only have to do these things, we have to do them with multiple people, in different ways. So, why can’t our love lives experience the same consideration, respect and communication our work lives do, at the same time?

I see things abstractly, but simply. I believe we deep down inside keep others from loving and accepting others by not loving and accepting ourselves. We talk to people how we think we should be talked to and so forth. I understand money provides a stability and materialistic happiness that cannot be compared, so we do what is necessary to maintain and grow it. I also understand that Love can do the same for our spirit and heart. A truly fulfilling love relationship can not only keep you living longer, but it also has the ability to flourish your career.

That unhealthy love is what we all need to be careful for. This love sneaks up on you due to its elegant garments and mind-blowing sex. This love takes over your thoughts, consumes your spirit and manipulates your emotions.  Although it feels amazing, it can be deathly. So how do we prevent this kind of love? We cant! We can only guide it, learn from it and/ or avoid it all together. Avoiding love all together sounds no fun; but so does dealing with a selfish mate, who only considers you when they deem necessary. I find myself admiring couples who stay together for years, and envying singles that are able to live freely. Where’s the medium? Is it ok to be complacent in the middle of commitment and singlism? Is it ok to love yourself enough to not have a long term love relationship? Is it ok to love yourself enough to experience a committed relationship? Society tells us we are not good people if we don’t get married. The tax cuts are telling us we are not good people if we aren’t married. This force of life merging, has been occurring for years and has not evolved although, life has. I personally do not agree. I believe one should  follow their heart, spirit and mind and do what is best for them. Just because you are not committed doesn’t mean you can’t love or a bad person. I believe when we truly accept what make us as individuals happy, we all can not only accept others for who they are but we will be able to better appreciate the relationships that surround us everyday. That moment you suppress your own dreams, desires and needs to make someone else happy or obtain what society tells you, everyone will suffer.

Its ok to want what you want. Live Your Life!😘



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