Oldie But Goodie? |Cheescake Factory Review 

So, I was leaving the mall this afternoon and  needed some lunch. As I was walking to the car I saw the Cheescake Factory. So I tried it. Now this is odd for me because I am a picky eater and I usually wouldn’t choose CF because of their dirty white shoes. 🤔😐 Well, to my surprise they not only had black shoes but the food was tasty. 

The menu is still a full dissertation of every cuisine ever made, and the drinks menu was enlightening. The waiter was pretty good. It took her a while to get to greet my table, but she refilled my sweet tea on time… so she’s cool with me, lol.

I ordered fish tacos. Of course, if you know me, I love ❤️ tacos, I eat them quite often. I normally go to a Mexican restaurant, and will continue because it cost less. I got 4 little tacos, rice and beans for $15. The Mexican restaurant charges 2.99 for each large taco; so I only need one maybe two. The rice was delightful, it was cilantro lime. What was amazing was the warm whole wheat loaf bread they brought before the meal. 

I noticed the staff seemed to be unhappy, so the energy was pretty stale. Although, I enjoyed my time. I’ll take my time going back. Overall, I give it a 3.9.



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