Loving Yourself Can Save The World!?

I know, I know it sounds crazy… but does it?  Love feels absolutely amazing and loving yourself inclines you to treat others better. So many people have the notion that loving others first will create peace and a sense of security. I disagree.

I have found that individuals that are unhappy with the choices they have made for themselves, the situations they are born in or events subjected to, cause self hate or disappointment. When a person is unintentionally/intentionally upset with their lives or their parents decisions, etc., they tend to lash out on others. While hateful acts can be either taught/ accumulated through cultural behavior or part of DNA, self love provides a sense of  balance.

I believe regardless of what we’re taught, when you love yourself, who you are, what you’ve  became, accepted what your capable of and believe in yourself; you are less worried about what others are doing. Your not worried about who’s doing what with their bodies, their religion or their sexual preferences.

Loving yourself signifies content and stability. The stable mind is more likely to initiate lending a hand and obtain empathy, then competition and approval. I always observe the powerful and wonder what are they trying to compensate for? Do they have a loving family, were they abused, are they narcissistic, is all the weight on their shoulders in their personal/ business life? The same way a 5’4 man needs a big truck to compensate for height, a powerful man needs a big audience to compensate for his dick 🙀I mean ego size🤔.

The need to change or control your surroundings or someone else is pure evidence there is lack of self love.

So can loving yourself save the world?

Accept, love and believe in yourself and we’ll see😘


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