She’s So Fly She Blows My Mind | Blogging Inspos

So I’m posting one day late😩. My excuse is… the Atlanta Falcons lost😒.

Anywho, so I’m taking the time to admire 4 ladies that have been inspiring me for the past 6 months. My journey as a blogger has just begun and so far has been quite interesting, fulfilling and a little challenging. These fly ass ladies below have not only inspired me but have taught me things that I might not have ever known. Enjoy them like I do!

Michah GianneliOMJESES!💋🍾This Asian persuasion’s consistency would make anybody fall  in love. Not only is she consistent with posting, her quality, her style and her energy remains the same. It never fails, her IG posts will cause you to not only rethink you whole life, but you kinda feel upgraded just looking at her. Her gorgeous legs, wavy hair and sleek/chic mentality has shown me, regardless of who you are or what you do, your life is a red carpet; if you make it.

Shayla!-👑 UMM if you don’t know this Queen of Slay, I’m about to learn you. This subtle key dropper constantly and consistently remains who she is; and continuously teaches individuals to love who they are, be who they want and enjoy every minute, by living. Watching this beauty move through life has shown me strength comes from within. No one can validate you but you; no one can create your dreams but you. Every outfit, every workout, every tutorial this woman touches turns into gold. Stick with her if you want a backbone.

Jai.Nice-✈️🤑 Oh man! I was introduced to this Boss’s style 2 years ago via IG. Her trendsetting line Kloset Envy had not yet been developed, but her infatuation with color was magnetic. As I have watched her grow, I’ve realized her fashion expression is a pure reflection of the love, passion and dedication for her ” baby girl” daughter and her success. A fierce to be wreckin with, she wakes up every morning in BeastMode! From her E-Book Nice Academy to her fly ass fashion creations, you are sure to be overdosed with empowerment. I have to say I appreciate her fight, I appreciate her consistency, I admire her gangsta.

Desi- oh how I love thee! 💝I  think I’m most inspired by the fact, everyone loves her. Although I don’t know her, I feel like she is the friend that everyone wish they had; beautiful, uplifting, energetic, supportive and free. She gives me relate-able glamour that a lot of people can’t pull off. I don’t follow her on snapchat, but I see her on EVERYONE else’s snapchat. When people refer to her, their eyes light up and she clearly brings her surroundings joy. Of course she’s one of THE DOPEST makeup artist. Her makeup tutorials are so professional, so cute and so entertaining. Simplicity at its best, don’t sleep on her!



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