3 Necessities for Negotiating| Business

Negotiating probably occurs at every second in business. Whether your trying to  get someone to do something, go somewhere or buy something; it’s occurring. So having some sense of what your doing while being leveraged is important. I feel like these 3 steps are easy to explain and do; and with practice you will be on your way to a professional negotiator.😉


The purpose of negotiation is to get what you want, without sacrificing too much. So why not lightly sell/ hint what you want throughout the whole conversation? Of course you don’t want to be obvious about your sell, but you do want the other person to understand the True value of whatever your negotiating. Being able to do this well takes practice and knowledge of your product/ skill. Like I like to say, “knowledge is power, the more you know the free’er you are”. So convince and mold them from the moment you say “hello”.

Tip 2. Never be first to negotiate 

 I believe this is a common rule. Whoever speaks the first offer, looses. Once you show your limit, you are most likely to be haggled, unless you have more power. A lot of times the person to say the first number or amount winds of negotiating down or up to their limit or beyond . Allowing the other person to speak first gives you the power to decline the offer or negotiate the offer; that’s the leverage you want. You want to be able to read the situation and control. So stay strong and linger as long as possible.

Tip 3. Always have the last word

What!? So the thing is. The person with the last word has the most influence. After you have negotiated in your favor, you have to seal the deal. You don’t want the negotiated to feel haggled. So the best tactic is to have a nice closing statement. One that reassures and confirms that decision . Letting someone go without closure only allows doubt and insecurities. So put so glue on it and seal it.

The more you utilize these tips, the better you will be at making deals in your favor.



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