Did You Hear!?

I haven’t covered any music and I figured this was the right time with all the new music that just came out. I will try my best to offer a variety of tunes to choose from, but it will most likely only be what I would listen to.😬 Check out my list and let me know what you think!

HNDRXX – Future

Released 2-24-17

I think this one is for the ladies. As Future belts his heart out trying to sing; the beats and lyrics are catchy and ironically soothing.

Slide– Frank Ocean & Migos

Released 2-23-17

I’m so ready for the Spring and so are they. This definitely gives you a southern Cali sound. It’s pretty nice.

Shining– Beyonce, Jay-Z & Dj Khaled

Released- 2-14-17

This is a single. I’m not a fan. I miss Beyonce singing. But you may enjoy it!

FUTURE– Future

Released- 2-17-17

This is the first album I bought from Future and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ll probably be over it by the end of summer. But I think that was his plan.

John Mayer– The Search For Everything

Released- 2-24-17

This album is cute; with only 4 songs, his mission was accomplished. I like 3 of the 4 songs but I love the passion and dedication to just do music.




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