What’s The Move?

Hey guys!!! Sorry I’m late! Just so you know, I couldn’t stop thinking about you! 😘

So I moved into a new apartment this past weekend and it was a bitter, sweet experience. I’ve actually moved every year of my life, so it was an easy move; but it was so hard this time having my son. He is a doozy 😫😍😍.

I find the best way to move is to literally put EVERYTHING, you can in boxes. I mean everything, this keeps you organized and neat. It is a little more expensive but in the long run, less stuff is lost and damaged.

I think moving is good for people, it helps you adjust to change much better than an individual that’s been living in the same home for 20 years. This does not make them better, just easier at adjusting to life’s changes. Life is a constant change, it doesn’t stay the same for 5 years, 5 months or even 5 days. Keeping up with life can and will be extremely difficult and disappointing if no changes/adjustment are made or accepted. 

I say all this to say, this is the time to change, move and adjust to what your life is. The more you resist the easier it is to fail. The more you accept, the easier it is to rebuild, strategize and conquer.

I love you guys for riding meπŸ’‹πŸ‘‘ 

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