Summer Drinks Moment

So, I hosted a happy hour last night at The Gathering Spot and it was a cute moment. I came up with some new drinks and I want to share the recipes with you. I only have one freakin pic for you, so just enjoy the recipes 😘😘 I was  too busy working like a slave 😝.

Simple Syrup- half sugar half hot water stirred till sugar is dissolved
Spring Flights-Absolute Vodka

1. Ginger Vodka- fresh ginger cooked down w/ simple syrup added; made into ginger syrup

2. Pepper n Mint- Fresh mint and 6 dashes of pepper muddled together; add simple syrup and muddle. Them strain into separate glass. Add as much syrup to Vodka as you like.

3. Chai Vodka- steep chai tea for 5 minutes then add simple syrup to your liking. ( sweet or not sweet it’s up to you)

Japanese Chili and Lime Champagne

Your favorite champagne w/ 5 drops of 18.21 Japanese Chili and Lime Bitters

Gin n Juice

1.5 oz Plymouth Gin

top with OJ😜 add ice

Lavender Sea Salt Margarita

1.5 oz Altos Repo Margarita

.75 ozFresh Lime Juice

.5 oz of 18.21 Lavender Seasalt Syrup

This you can be shaken or stir then pour over ice

London Fog and Jameson

Earl Grey Tea w/ Agave and Cream

Portion this how you like, just make sure you have equal parts cream and agave.

1.5oz of Jameson shot on the side

I put the drinks in order of the picture, so hopefully that helps with visuals. I really think you guys will enjoy these drinks! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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