Buttermilk Kitchen | Review 

The other day I felt like a nice brunch; so I asked around and was lead to this quaint spot called ” Buttermilk Kitchen”.

This restaurant was made out of a house, which is what makes it so charming and unforgettable. As you walk in, to your left there’s is a comfy waiting area w/magazines for your pleasure. Straight ahead there is a cute little  bar that seats about 8ppl. 

After a short 15 minute wait, we were seated in what would of had been the hallway. It was perfect. My server greeted us in a timely manner and was nice. What I loved most was that all the ingredients are organic and fresh. This made it hard to choose something but it was appreciated.

The menu wasn’t too big, they serve breakfast all day, lunch and dinner. I went around 11am so it was brunch hours. The server suggested I try the pimento cheese omelette. Although it looked good, I went with the French Toast. It seemed as though most of the menu was a la carte, so I got bacon, eggs and hash browns. They put 3 pieces of bacon and 2 hashbrown patties on seperate plates.  I have to say it was all very good. If I had to, I would rate it a 4.7. Parking was easy and the price point is decent.

So if you’re ever in Buckhead looking for brunch, check them out, a very cute moment.



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