Your Emotions Your Power 5 Tips To Controlling Your Emotions

I’ve heard plenty of times, if you can’t control your emotions you can’t have real power or love. I’ve observed plenty of successful individuals master this ideal and I think I can help you with their secret. 

Tip 1. Get Over Yourself

Most of our emotional outbursts or breakdowns are due to self obsession. For some reason we feel we are entitled to an answer, a gift, or an opportunity. The moment we realize and accept we will not get everything we believe we should have; will be the moment of less disappointment and less emotional.

Tip 2. Breathe 

I don’t know why this simple task is so effective in many of cases. Breathing allows oxygen to the brain which allows the blood in our bodies to flow better. I believe breathing gives you time to think. It forces your body to center its self and heighten its senses. Any time someone is having a mental break down, suffering from an injury or stressing, the best advice is to start breathing, get back to your center.

Tip 3. Think

After you’ve gotten back to your center, think. A lot of times we act before we think or we think before we act. Thinking Before you act helps prevent emotional breakdowns or blow ups. Think about what’s being said to you, think about how you hear things , think about how to react to situations your facing. Thinking gives you power over your emotions and any situation. The moment we just act is the moment we just fall. Think about control and you will have it.

Tip 4. Stay Open minded

Staying open minded allows acceptance. When you are more open to other opinions you are not so affected when they’re not similar to yours. Accepting others creates your acceptance; which will keep insecurities at bay. Insecurity is the mother of emotional instability. 

Tip 5. Remain Unbothered 

Ultimately, focus on your own life, goals, ambitions, family and dreams. Always caring what others think, what they are doing and how they compare is an emotional death pit. Assuring your happiness comes first will allow you to remain calm and controlled. It’s that moment you let others thoughts, emotions, and insecurities in your system that you take away your control of your emotions and thoughts. Focus on you first, then everyone else. It’s not selfish it’s self love ❤️.



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