5 Tips To Cheaper Flights

It’s summer and we all want to travel as much as possible. But how can we travel as much as we want and still save some money? Since I worked in the airport for 2 years, I have gotten some really good tips and tricks. So, below are 5 easy tips to getting cheaper flights!

Tip1- Book on Tuesday

This may seem weird but Tuesday is the first day of discounts. Airline companies like to give away their cheaper tickets on Tuesday because it is their slowest day! Which brings us to tip 2…

Tip 2- Fly on Weekdays

This can get tricky during a holiday, but flying on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is the best way to get to your location for the lowsky.

Tip 3- Fly Day of Holiday

Although this may suck, flying on thanksgiving or on Christmas can save you at least $100. This is the worst time to travel as far as comfort, but it definitely saves your money!

Tip 4- Travel in Groups

Group discounts are about everywhere, even for flights. So, if you are going on a trip with multiple people, call your airline choice and figure out their group rates.

Tip 5- Call the Airline

Today we normally book everything online or through an app. Well, if you have a little more patience, calling their representatives, will give you access to discounts that are not posted on their site or given to third parties. Just call, tell them your dates of travel and ask why specials/discounts they have for the day, and magic you have saved money!

I hope these tips help you. I find myself looking for more and more flights everyday and remembered there is a better way, so I shared my knowledge and I hope it helps!



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