My Ears Are RingingšŸŽ§

I found some good music this week! I mean I really like the stuff I’m about to show you. I had been feeling like music was starting to suffer, but I have been proven wrong. Check out that new ish below!

I can not wait til his album comes out, although I am a little nervous . I only say that cause Khalid came out with ” Location” and it’s the only song on the album that does anything for me. But this song is on repeat.

Oh… I don’t like this album. But I had to put it in here cause it’s new and #1 on iTunes. I don’t feel like DJ Khalid knows how to tweet samples like Kanye. Also, the songs are just ALL underwhelming.. even the singles already out. šŸ˜±

Oh.. this one sucks too. I didn’t expect it to be good and it wasn’t. I don’t really even have anything to say about it. The singles already out are  cool, so just get those.

This album is cute. R&B is trying to come back hard and she is definitely making her mark. Enjoy her voice like I do.

The legend, he bring musicality, knowledge, lyrics and versatility. This album is HEAVEN.

Now go fix the ringing in your ears .



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