Westin Hotel NYC Dinner Review

Last weekend I took a visit to NYC to see family. The trip was amazing! I took a day to myself and pretended to be a tourist in Times Square; and decided to treat myself to a drink and an appetizer. 

I walked in and chose a table by the window with a view of the city , so I could get the whole experience. The drink menu was pretty scarce but there were some good choices. As you know I’m a bartender so I had to get more than just a glass of wine.  I wanted a meat and cheese plate, but they only had a cheese plate. ( I guess that’ll do)

So I ordered an Old Fashioned and it was the WORST. They gave me melty ice, there wasn’t enough butters, too much sugar and no garnishes. (Disappointed) I gave them another chance and order a boulevardier, which was one of their signature cocktails. Well let’s just say they need a new bartender; it came onthe rocks when it is suppose to be up in a martini or coupe glass. And it was super red cause they put WAY too much Campari in the cocktail. Campari is an extremely strong and potent liquor, it is best not to use more than .5 oz, unless it is requested. Let’s just say I had to go and tell the bartender exactly how to make my drink; It was amazing at that point.

As I waited for my cheese plate they gave me assorted nuts, which were yummy. When my cheese plate finally came, I was finally relaxed. The cheese was amazing and accompanied my drink very well. Overall I enjoyed my moment there and will definitely do a little more research on where to get an amazing Old Fashioned. I probably wouldn’t suggest eating at this hotel unless you have to.๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™€๏ธ



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