Inexpensive Office Makeover

I moved into my new apartment about 5 months ago and have been focusing on fixing up each room, rather than trying to furnish the whole apartment at once. So I wanted to show my progress on my office. I am most excited about this room cause I had my computer on boxes and was sitting on my sons lawn chair. 😜😬

So, I picked the ODDVALD Black Trestle Legs from Ikea and the cream LINNMON table top. The legs were easy to put together for someone that knows how to put things together. I would say I am pretty mediocre at building things though; I’m the kind of girl that is ok with letting men do these kind of things or me. 😉  At first I thought the table top was too small but I came to like how abstract it looked. The legs were $12 a piece and the table top was $20! I’m so excited to start decorating and putting things on the wall, I guess I can do a ” Whats in my office” video for that moment.

As far as the chair goes; I wanted to get a cute girly chair but I know that I will be sitting in the chair for long periods of time and want to be comfortable. So, I went to OfficeDepot and got the Cassia Mid Back office chair in grey. It was on sale for $119, regularly $199.99, so I got a deal. But take a look mat the couple of pics and videos of me suffering through the process.






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