3 Tips To Great Communication

Communication is a necessity for any relationship; friendship, lovers, and business. I have a lot of experience in all three, some successful and some not so. 3 things, I've notice are universal about the three that are needed are as such:

Tip 1-Listening

Everyone says you need to listen in conversations and it's true. In any relationship, if you want to be heard you have to listen. This tactic not only helps you show respect for the other party but it provides a platform of considering and filtering the opposition or event discussed. Listening also provides a better understanding of what your counterpart is trying to purvey. Whether, you are trying to solve an issue, manipulate a situation or create an experience. Listening is your number one tool of defense and offense.

Tip 2- Understanding

Unless tip 1 is practiced, this step will be impossible. You must listen in order to get any understanding of where, the other person is coming from. Understanding not only helps you get to closure faster, it allows space to create peace between the two parties. It helps, prevent tension, anger and stress. A lot of times people don't want to understand because oftheir own beliefs and personal road blocks; it's not your job to make someone understand your point, but to understand their not willing to. Again understanding helps provide you with less stress and mental anguish by accepting this.

Tip 3- Preciseness

This is one of the major things that trips people up. Always going around or hiding behind the bush 😏😜… Anytime you try to spare some ones feelings with a lie or provide only part of the info in a meeting; you are asking for some sort of backlash. I like to tell people the straight truth so that there is no misunderstanding of how I feel or believe things should go. Preciseness just gets you straight to where you need to be; solutions, peace, happiness and understanding. Sometimes this can be difficult because of the complexity of the situation, but focusing on remaining precise will always have you on the winning side😘.

So use these tips to make any relationship more healthy and benefiting to your life.



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