Modern Day Slave

It's sad I'm writing about this, but I met one yesterday. I was Bartending a wine event yesterday at my job, that was going well. There was a black ( light skinned) gentleman that was in the kitchen working; I'm assuming all day. He was part of a staff from a different establishment that was helping my fellow co-workers out. He created a relationship with one of my chefs, which is awesome. Clearly they had a friendly banter back and forth that I didn't know about.

Well, the guest worker was joking with my coworker…I jumped in and playfully stated "don't mess with my friend". He didn't like me defending him or maybe even jumping in their conversation; and told me to go back to the bar because I'm a "Field Nigga" and they were two " House Niggas" talking. 😫😂😂😫😐🤔😂 Well sir, a nigga is a nigga and I am not either. It's funny cause I think of Jay Z song "OJ", if you have heard it than you know what I'm talking about. Of course I was offended but more disappointed that this strong black man and Jay Z accept the mentality that they are Niggas. The reason white powerful have any power over blacks is because a majority of us still accept this mentality. I find it hard to accept being beneath Any human, when all We (black people) have to do is walk in a room and everyone is at attention. How is it we create and have our hands in every invention, music, philosophy, cure and a majority of us still accept the mentality of being a Nigga. Many cultures have gone through slavery and or their whole race being exiled, but blacks are the only ones they have nurtured, adopted and maintained what others have ingrained in our brains and history. I love when blacks people say well we've been slave for hundreds of years and we're the only ones that can't escape the hate because of our color, while the others can blend in. Actually no, were the only ones that fell for that bullshit. Whites have always been a majority and have always had a history of hating anything not Caucasian. You can tell a Jew from an Italian from an Indian; Whites don't like any of the above but all of those cultures have found a way to have whites succumb to their power in some way. Jews found a way to control the money AFTER their whole race was killed off; Indians found a way to have protection for land and relief from taxes for school, AFTER their land was taken from them and Italians found a way to infiltrate the food industry AFTER also being enslaved. I wanted to say the Italians did this through the mafia, but im not sure if that's a fact. Either way they found a way to turn their " bad" into their power. While black people are still trying to see who can have the nicest car or jewelry etc. only because we have allowed others to make us believe that we are nothing more than what we have on or what we do for them. When white people have and are stealing our intellectual property to this today. I can confidently say 70% of the USAs creations have come from our brain; liquor, cures, music, art, philosophy, teachings, STYLE, you name it!

I say all this to say, I don't care if you are Jay Z who still believes he is a Nigga/slave, who has a shit ton of money. I have and never will be a nigga. I am not slave to man, God put me and every other person and black in particular to serve him. And because I have this mentality, I am not approached or treated like a slave by any manager, owner, boss, or customer I have encountered. Only by this simple minded black man worker, that unfortunately sees himself as nothing more but the white mans slave.



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