‘‘Tis the Season to be grateful

It seems after Thanksgiving being grateful goes out the window. Between “Black Friday” and Christmas we are conditioned to want more. We immediately forget the time we spent with our loved ones and begin to look for replacements and upgrades for things. Christmas is the season for giving, but more like “what are you going […]

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Winter Skin

Hey loves! I hope your holidays are going as planned. The weather is changing and so is our bodies. Colder and colder everyday, it seems like our skin is getting ashier. We sometimes forget the things that enter our bodies help determine what our outer bodies looks like. So, I have a great winter routine […]

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Noir- a short poem

Some came and went but you stayed the longest. Though you always caught the drift, you enabled me to be stronger. Near or far you rode the race, while always having a little grace. There was a daunting cloud because you were so dark but the inside cozy and warm and full of love. Maintaining […]

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Last Call

It’s the end of the month and this is the last recipe. All month I posted a nice drink that will impress anyone at your next event. The last drink of the month will be a Mint Julep. This drink is not only easy to make but was created for the Kentucky Derby in 1938. […]

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Blackberry Mule

I love this drink because it’s so simple. A mule is a classic drink that is refreshing any time of the year. So let’s get to it! BLACKBERRY MULE 1.5oz Ketel One Vodka .75oz fresh juice ( please use fresh lime) .75oz Fresh Blackberry Syrup – boil 3 cups of water, then… – add 1cup […]

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I love this drink! This is a simple craft cocktail, with the look and definitely the taste. I made this drink thinking of the times I want a light tasting drink. Some would be scared to drink this because it’s Gin but the other ingredients cover the gin taste. Also if you use the type […]

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October Drink Sensations

This month you will get all kinds of drink options! I want to be a part of that drink search and offer you a new drink each week. They will be great drinks for any party and especially for any party this month! Take the time to check out my homemade recipes and ENJOY! Berry […]

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There are so many incidents where we put our all out there and it isn’t returned. My question is.. do we need reciprocation? Yes, we may want someone to return the favor or kind act or feeling we have, but do we need it? Needing someone else to validate our thoughts, emotions and act is […]

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It has been a long time. I see a lot of new people found me and my ride or die-rs are still hanging in there with me. I took a small hiatus because my research as a blogger has been completed. I was using this platform to understand the inner workings of marketing through blogging, […]

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Modern Day Slave

It's sad I'm writing about this, but I met one yesterday. I was Bartending a wine event yesterday at my job, that was going well. There was a black ( light skinned) gentleman that was in the kitchen working; I'm assuming all day. He was part of a staff from a different establishment that was […]

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