It has been a long time. I see a lot of new people found me and my ride or die-rs are still hanging in there with me. I took a small hiatus because my research as a blogger has been completed. I was using this platform to understand the inner workings of marketing through blogging, […]

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Modern Day Slave

It's sad I'm writing about this, but I met one yesterday. I was Bartending a wine event yesterday at my job, that was going well. There was a black ( light skinned) gentleman that was in the kitchen working; I'm assuming all day. He was part of a staff from a different establishment that was […]

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3 Tips To Great Communication

Communication is a necessity for any relationship; friendship, lovers, and business. I have a lot of experience in all three, some successful and some not so. 3 things, I've notice are universal about the three that are needed are as such: Tip 1-Listening Everyone says you need to listen in conversations and it's true. In […]

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40/40 Cocktail 

40/40- This drink is a play off a Boulevardier, one of my fave drinks right now.1.5 oz Jr Revelry Bourbon .75 oz Aperol .75 oz MonteNegro Amaro Stir and enjoy😘  MJaie😘

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Inexpensive Office Makeover

I moved into my new apartment about 5 months ago and have been focusing on fixing up each room, rather than trying to furnish the whole apartment at once. So I wanted to show my progress on my office. I am most excited about this room cause I had my computer on boxes and was […]

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A Flight w/MJAIE

I got drink recipes! I hosted a happy hour with one of my coworkers and thought, why not share my creations with my beautiful followers! They are definitely different and exciting, so taste at your Iwb risk 😜😘 From left to right- I did not name the drinks … .5oz Absolute Vanilla .5oz St. Germaine […]

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4:44 👑👑😫

It wouldn’t make sense for me not to pay homage to the greatest of all time! I would go through each song but why don’t you! Link below😘 4:44 ALBUM YOUR WELCOME MJAIE😘😜

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My Ears Are Ringing🎧

I found some good music this week! I mean I really like the stuff I’m about to show you. I had been feeling like music was starting to suffer, but I have been proven wrong. Check out that new ish below! I can not wait til his album comes out, although I am a little […]

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