There are so many incidents where we put our all out there and it isn’t returned. My question is.. do we need reciprocation? Yes, we may want someone to return the favor or kind act or feeling we have, but do we need it? Needing someone else to validate our thoughts, emotions and act is […]

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Happy Fathers Day!!

Today, enjoy your father however he comes. Me and my father have not seen eachother in 10 years, but I ended that today. Ive come to the realization if I want things to change, I have the change. And so I’ve decided to reach out to my father and change our relationship for the better, […]

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Body Movement | Love Edition

Hey guys! So I have a little treat for you! I don’t know if any of you all knew that I have been a dancer all my life. Sooo, my cousin asked me to make her an easy dance for her anniversary. I have to say I procrastinated because I haven’t danced in 1 year! But, […]

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3 Lover, Lova, Lovuh Tips

Summer time is coming and our hormones will be on 1000. Since, for some reason I feel like I give great love advice. I figured I’d hook you up with 3 ways to solidify your summer time flings… hey they could lead to love.šŸ˜‰ Tip 1- Don’t be scared A lot of times people are […]

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5 Amazing Valentine Eats

TWO URBAN LICKS Creative foods, eclectic atmosphere and great drinks. A great place to enjoy your mate. GunShow They always have a new menu everyday, this makes each experience authentic and worth every penny! Watershed If your looking for a place to feel special, then this is it. Fine wines and fine dines. Agave You […]

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How Much Time To Heal?

The average cut takes about 2weeks to fully heal. The avaerage surgery wound takes about 6-8 weeks to heal. Why is there no time frame for your feelings to heal? I’ve always been a believer of, recognizing your emotions helps you solve life. Of course there are events that occur in your life that can […]

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To Be or Not To Be

Love relationships I believe are the hardest things to obtain, maintain and retain. We have all witnessed people extremely successful in business, school, but disastrous in love. Their ability to communicate, consider, commit and/or even compliment seem to go out of the window. I find this interesting because in a workplace, we not only have […]

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 Many of us are aware of coupling season and for some this is an exciting time. For others it seems to be a sad/lonely season. I personally believe that the summer time is more of a lonely season because people are more likely to not remain committed. Granted, there are a lot of great dates […]